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UK tax advice for residents worldwide – including Non-Resident Landlords, Pilots, Aircrew, Seafarers, Yacht Crew and Non-Doms
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Whilst you are living or working abroad, it is easy to "bury your head in the sand" and put UK tax matters to the back of your mind. However, it is difficult to remain completely out of the clutches of the tax man!
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For peace of mind and to avoid the feeling of "looking over your shoulder" as if you were being watched, why not obtain an impartial review of your circumstances? This will ensure you are doing all the right things to strengthen your position and minimise your UK tax liability.

I offer a personal and friendly service to all UK and foreign national individuals who are:
Specialist UK tax advice and self-assessment tax return preparation for non-residents and expats from Andrew Baker – Taxation Consultant.

25 years’ experience specialising in dealing with the personal UK tax affairs of non-resident clients with UK tax obligations, including British expat, foreign national and overseas non-resident landlords, non-resident British and foreign national pilots and aircrew with duty flights to and from the UK, seafarers and superyacht crew claiming the seafarers’ earnings deduction, UK resident non-doms with overseas income/capital gains and remittances, and pensioners with a pension derived from overseas employment service.

Non-Resident Landlords – preparation of let property accounts to establish the annual profit/loss position and self-assessment tax returns, together with filing with HMRC. Dealing with applications under the non-resident landlord scheme to obtain approval from HMRC for tax not to be deducted at source by the letting agent/tenant. Non-resident and UK resident landlords catered for.

Non-Resident Pilots and Aircrew – preparation of the annual duty flight calculation to establish the proportion of earnings which are exempt from UK tax, together with the completion and filing of self-assessment tax returns with HMRC and claiming tax refunds. Specialising in helping foreign national pilots who commute to a UK basing.

Seafarers and Yacht Crew – preparation and monitoring of UK visits for the Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction claim, together with preparation and filing of annual self-assessment tax returns. Applications for forms SA302 from HMRC as proof of earnings for mortgage application purposes.

Non-Resident Pensioners – exemption claims prepared in respect of UK pensions derived from overseas employment service.

Capital Gains Tax Calculations – computations prepared in respect of the disposal of UK residential property by non-residents, calculating the declarable gain under the new rules from 6th April 2015. Calculations for property disposals made by UK residents also catered for.

Statutory Residence Test - review and advice of one’s residence status to determine the basis on which income tax and capital gains tax is assessed for UK tax purposes. Split tax year treatment claims.

Self-assessment Tax Returns – preparation and filing of annual UK self-assessment tax returns for non-residents, expats and foreign nationals, including non-resident and overseas landlords, pilots and aircrew, seafarers and super yacht crew, non-doms and pensioners. Declaration of rental income, capital gains, non-residence claims and repayment claims. 

Making Tax Digital – advice on the new quarterly reporting requirements and digital record keeping affecting landlords and the self-employed being introduced by HMRC from 6th April 2020 which will replace the self-assessment tax return, together with access to your online HMRC Personal Tax Account.

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I will be happy to provide my initial comments, on a free of charge, no obligation basis, by email or over the telephone relating to issues including non-residence, domicile, income tax, capital gains tax, self assessment tax return and letting accounts preparation etc. 

I will also explain how I may help you further by taking matters forward, with details of my charges (which are on a fixed fee basis at competitive rates compared to the larger firms of accountants offering a similar service) to be agreed with you before proceeding.

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